The Ethics of E-Mail and Social Media: A Top Ten List

November 11, 2015

2000 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1400
Dallas, TX 75201

2 hours ethics MCLE credit anticipated

Join McGuireWoods LLP for an educational and entertaining program by partner Tom Spahn. This interactive presentation explores the unique and quickly evolving issues involving the widespread use of electronic communications such as email and social media.


  • Attorney-client relationship – effect of an unsolicited email from a prospective client
  • Email − ethics of encryption, effect of clients asking someone to print off their emails
  • Intra-corporate communications − widespread circulation, document creation, adverse employee’s communications on company servers
  • Communications with adversaries – metadata, “reply to all,” receipt of misdirected communications
  • Working with service providers, outsourcing discovery
  • Discovery − adverse parties’ and witnesses’ social media, inadvertent production of a privileged document
  • Jurors’ independent Internet research
  • Judges’ Internet research, “friending” lawyers
  • Attorney-client relationship – effect of marketing
  • Marketing rules’ application to “blogs,” bars’ view on intrusiveness of electronic marketing