EcoDistricts: Pathway to a Resilient Community

March 2, 2016

Tysons, VA

If Tysons decided to become an ecodistrict, it would begin a journey designed to gain control of its future − reducing infrastructure spending, reducing operating costs of buildings and infrastructure, improving international competitiveness, and protecting businesses and residents from community disruptions. “Ecodistricts” refers to those portions of a city or county that follow a protocol to manage their utilities and infrastructure for greater efficiency while increasing social equity investments.

This lunchtime discussion explored some of the region’s existing ecodistricts, the benefits and challenges of ecodistrict design, and the steps to achieving an ecodistrict.


  • McGuireWoods Consulting’s Preston Bryant will share lessons from his experience in helping to create the Southwest Ecodistrict in Washington, D.C.
  • McGuireWoods partner Dan Slone, national counsel for EcoDistricts, a nonprofit guiding districts across the country, will discuss the process of becoming an ecodistrict, and its challenges and opportunities.