Healthcare Webinar Series

January 10 & 18; February 1, 2017

Complimentary Webinar Series

McGuireWoods Healthcare partner Scott Becker conducted a complimentary three-part webinar series to kick off 2017. The series included an outlook on trends for 2017, thoughts on strategy and leadership, and a special session focused on surgery centers. 

Part One
National Trends in Healthcare: Movement from Inpatient to Outpatient

Tuesday, January 10

Part one focused on broad trends in the healthcare industry from the end of 2016 and looking forward into 2017. Scott discussed the movement of cases and procedures out of hospitals and the impact on hospitals, and strategies to consider in light of such changes.

Part Two
12 Thoughts on Strategy and Leadership

Wednesday, January 18

Part two discussed thoughts on how healthcare businesses consider strategy as well as thoughts on leadership styles that have been effective and those that have been ineffective.

Part Three
10 Thoughts on Surgery Centers in 2017

Wednesday, February 1

Part three focused on surgery centers. This session covered 10 thoughts and observations on trends and hot topics for 2017. Scott addressed both business and legal issues related to the industry.

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