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Join McGuireWoods Edible Bites webinar series, serving up important information from the cannabis and life sciences industries. The series is also available on Apple and Spotify.

Episode 10 – Cannabis Litigation and Enforcement Update

Buckle up, grab your combine, befriend Helen Hunt and get twisted in Oklahoma as we head down a yellow brick road of environmental challenges, flying delta-8 updates, wicked zoning issues and a bit of constitutional law to ground us. In this episode of Edible Bites, McGuireWoods healthcare attorneys Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner talk about:

  • Constitutional challenges to state license/residency requirements  
  • Cannabis license disarray
  • Local zoning challenges
  • Environmental compliance enforcement
  • Delta-8 updates
  • Food for thought

Episode 9 – Emerging Issues in Cannabis Privacy

McGuireWoods healthcare attorneys Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner discuss issues pertaining to cannabis and privacy laws, such as HIPAA and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Join the edibles team as they unpack the complexities of federal and state requirements, medical versus adult use obligations and duty to protect consumer information in this space.


  • Lack of federal privacy legislation outside of HIPAA
  • Privacy issues dominated by state law
  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Increase in data breaches
  • How sensitive consumer information is defined
  • Lack of consistency in state laws
  • When HIPAA applies
  • Expanding scope of consumer privacy issues
  • How to protect consumer information
  • How to create a privacy compliance program
  • Food for thought

Episode 8 – Impact of Cannabis Legalization on Government Contractors

Contracting with the federal government but also want to explore business opportunities in cannabis? In the newest episode McGuireWoods’ Kate Hardey, Royce DuBiner and Rose Stern explore common questions and red flags for government contractors given the current conflict between state and federal law.

Now is the time to think about the future of cannabis and the federal government. What if cannabis was on the federal supply schedule? We’ll also discuss potential growth in this industry after the anticipated legalization of cannabis at the federal level — especially for the sale of medical cannabis to the federal government.


  • State versus federal status of cannabis legalization
  • Small Business Administration
  • Pending legislation
  • Food for thought

Episode 7 – Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, Measure 109: Overview and Licensure

In this episode we ask: Are you experienced in the emerging area of medical-use psychedelics?

McGuireWoods’ Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner examine all the psychedelic, experimental and funky facets of the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act – Measure 109. Tune in to their discussion uncovering the Act, and study federal laws/licensures, regulations and policies regarding psilocybin and the efforts to use it as a tool in treating mental conditions.

  • Overview – a big bite
  • All things psilocybin
  • What the law covers
  • Licenses
  • Food for thought

Episode 6 – Extended Wrap Edition: Cannabis Business and Taxes Under IRC Section 280E

In the newest episode of the Edible Bites video webinar series, McGuireWoods’ Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner had Kevin Michaelan, a senior manager at CohnReznick, drop in to dispel long-held assumptions of cannabis businesses and outline steps to mitigate 280E risk. This is not 280E as you think you learned it. Tune in to their discussion clearing the funky clouds of misinformation surrounding Internal Revenue Code Section 280E and how it applies to the cannabis industry.


  • Case law
  • Hypothetical examples
  • Code Section 471(c)
  • Tax compliance considerations
  • Food for thought

Episode 5 – Weed at Work: Employment Law Trends

McGuireWoods’ Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner talk to John Thomas, an attorney in McGuireWoods’ Labor & Employment Department. Tune in to their discussion of employment law trends, how different state laws for medical and recreational cannabis are affecting employees and how organizations should think about them going forward.


  • Trends in employment drug testing
  • Protections for off-duty use
  • Balancing employer and employee rights
  • Food for thought

Episode 4: Extended Wrap Edition – Lighting Up the Adult-Use Market

In this episode of the Edible Bites video webinar series, McGuireWoods’ Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner talk to Amanda Ostrowitz of Fyllo (formerly CannaRegs). Tune in as the trio reviews which states are coming online related to the adult recreational-use marijuana market.


  • What’s happening in Illinois
  • Newly legalized markets
  • Food for thought

Episode 3: FDA Compounding MOU

In this episode, Kate Hardey and Royce DuBiner discuss the newly released U.S. Food and Drug Administration compounding pharmacy memorandum of understanding. Kate and Royce focus their legal practice on regulatory and transaction work in the life sciences, cannabis, CBD and other aspects of the food and drug industry.


  • Key Provisions and Product Shipping 
  • Food for Thought

Episode 2: FDA Guidance on Microneedling Products


  • FDA guidance on microneedling products

McGuireWoods Speakers

  • Kate Hardey, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
  • Royce DuBiner, Attorney, McGuireWoods LLP

Episode 1: Series Premiere


  • Marijuana State of the States
  • Psilocybin: The Quiet Storm
  • Food for Thought

McGuireWoods Speakers

  • Kate Hardey, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
  • Royce DuBiner, Attorney, McGuireWoods LLP

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