What’s a Young Tax Attorney to Do When…?

April 8, 2015

Live Webinar

Associate Bradley Ridlehoover spoke during a webinar on the topic “What’s a Young Tax Attorney to Do When…?” at this event hosted by the American Bar Association Section of Taxation. The speakers explored the kinds of ethical problems young lawyers are likely to encounter in their first years of practice and reminded them of the applicable rules in Circular 230 and the Code and Regs, as well as the aspirational standards set forth in Circular 230.

  • How can young lawyers make sure that their employers have reviewed with them the protocols within the firm for raising ethical questions?
  • To whom should young lawyers turn when they have questions and concerns about their responsibilities that a supervising attorney seems to be disregarding?
  • What topics should receive a young lawyer’s primary attention as s/he starts out in practice?
  • Are there any special concerns for young associates in the first months of making the transition from law school to practice?

For additional information, please visit www.americanbar.org.