Energy & Mineral Law Foundation Thirty-Eighth Annual Institute

May 21-23, 2017

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Join Partner Samuel L. Tarry, Jr., and Associate Jonathan A. Wolfson as they present at this event on “Louisiana Wetlands and Coastal Issues.”

Louisiana wetland cases have garnered the full attention of the energy industry as actions which were once legal and even encouraged by Louisiana state and local government are now being litigated in state court. In 2015, Louisiana coastal parishes and the state government sued energy companies alleging extraction activities in the 20th century caused environmental harm. The speakers will discuss state and local governments’ use of state-level litigation as a mechanism for re-regulating past “deficiencies” in environmental regulation. Their presentation will highlight how these cases violate the principle of no ex-post-facto changes in law and regulation; the significant costs such cases can impose on energy and other allegedly “polluting” companies; and the challenges defendants face and their need for expert witness development.

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