American Public Power Association’s 2022 Legislative Rally

February 28, 2022

Partners Aaron Flynn and Allison Wood will speaking on the topic of “What Are Congress and the White House Doing on Federal Climate Policy?” at the American Public Power Association Legislative Rally.

Climate issues have been front and center in Washington D.C., with President Biden and congressional Democrats making it a top policy priority in the 117th Congress. Dozens of hearings were held on a host of climate issues, and multiple bills were introduced to require electric utilities to increase their percentage of zero-emitting electricity, including the CLEAN Future Act and Clean Energy Innovation and Deployment Act. Legislative language was drafted for inclusion in the Build Back Better Act to create the Clean Electricity Performance Program. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency is beginning to develop proposed regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electric sector under the Clean Air Act (CAA). GHG regulations for the power sector have been on a policy pendulum for the last decade. Now the U.S. Supreme Court will determine the extent and limits of the agency’s authority under CAA section 111. 

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