Class Certification Evidence: Standards of Admissibility and Probative Value Among the Circuits

February 17, 2022

Live Webinar

1-2:30 p.m. (ET)

Partner Alexander Madrid will be speaking at a Strafford CLE program on the topic of “Class Certification Evidence: Admissibility Standards.”

The panel will focus on what evidence a court may consider when ruling on a plaintiff’s motion to certify a class action. In particular, panelists will discuss whether such courts are limited to considering only admissible evidence or whether, when determining certification, the court may consider evidence that it would exclude at trial. The panel will review the existing split among the circuits, discuss the various rationales, and offer best practices and strategies for opposing or narrowing class certification both in jurisdictions that have not yet taken a side and those that have. Additionally, they will explore these and other key issues:

  • How can defense counsel preserve objections to admissibility?
  • How can counsel leverage the law of other circuits in jurisdictions with no controlling precedent?
  • What does how a court assesses evidence imply about its view on admissibility standards?

Following the presentation, the speakers will engage in a live question and answer session with participants to answer any questions about these issues directly.

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