Intapp Connect21

Industry Leaders Address Our Changing Digital Landscape

November 17, 2021

Virtual Event

McGuireWoods Chairman, Jon Harmon, will speak as part of the Intapp Connect21 keynote address entitled “Industry Leaders Address Our Changing Digital Landscape.”

The keynote session features leaders from financial services, professional services, and legal firms to explore the changing landscape for professionals: How they find new opportunities, build the right teams, and harvest knowledge and expertise to drive better outcomes. This esteemed panel will discuss how digital technologies are changing the ways we work together, serve our clients, and complete deals. 

In today‚Äôs dramatically transformed business environment, firms face accelerating pressure to remain agile and successful. Intapp believes that firms that connect their people and data with digital processes will win the future. Intapp Connect21, “Becoming the Firm of Tomorrow Today,” will explore how firms can meet this moment with innovation and technology that enable better outcomes.

For further information about the event, please visit Intapp Connect21.