Becker’s Healthcare 14th Annual Meeting

April 8 - 11, 2024

Hyatt Regency
Chicago, IL

Partners Gretchen Heinze Townshend, Timothy Fry and Scott Becker will speak on the topic of “Key Legal Issues for Health Systems and Hospitals 2024” at Becker’s Healthcare 14th Annual Meeting in Chicago. Fry and Townshend recently addressed related topics on Becker’s Healthcare Podcast.

Additionally, Timothy Fry will moderate two sessions entitled “Diversify Your Health System’s Portfolio: Best Bets” and “Building the Foundation: Bold Strategies for Growth Focused Executives.”

Partner Holly Buckley will moderate two sessions “Seizing Tomorrow: Strategic Investments for the Next 5 Years” and “How CEOs Can Build Trust With Their Teams.”

Partner Kayla McCann Marty will moderate two sessions “Take Action on Health Equity: How to Achieve Great, Fast Results” and “M&A Aftermath: How to Lead A Successful Hospital Integration.”

Scott Becker will moderate the sessions “Foster a Culture of Trust: What Best CEOs Do Differently,” “Leading into Prosperity: The 3-Year Plan for Healthcare CEOs,” “How to Develop Leaders throughout an Organization,” “Physician Pay in Value-Based Care: How to
Make the Switch,” “Keynote Panel — Playing the Long Game with Meaningful Population Health Strategy and Partnerships,” “Health System Partnerships in the Next 12 Months: What is Most Valuable?,” “Culture Transformation: How to Build a High Performance Hospital,” “Bake the ‘Resilient Gene’ Into Your Culture With Measurable Results,” as well as the Keynote Interview.

Healthcare has never been static — disruption and innovation are constants. The continual challenges and changes demand industry leaders exchange best practices and ideas to improve care, enhance operational efficiency and address financial challenges. Becker’s Healthcare is committed to facilitating these conversations.

Over 4 days of sessions, you will hear hundreds of elite hospital and health system executives discuss topics such as health IT, consumerism, workforce, finance, executive leadership, value-based care, telehealth, physician burnout, payers, health equity and pharmacy costs.

Join thousands of your executive peers to get a glimpse of the C-suite discussions happening at health systems across the country and leave with clear action items to improve your organization.

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