In the Weeds

“In the Weeds” is McGuireWoods’ biweekly ounce of highlights in the budding cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, provided by Kate Hardey, Royce DuBiner and Katherine Gruner.

A Quick Dab — Ohio’s New Telehealth Rules Cover Exams for Medical Marijuana Use

January 18, 2022

A Quick Dab — Ohio Seeks to Codify Legal Delta-8; Proposed Rule Hearing Set for Jan. 18

January 14, 2022

New Laws for 2022, Kansas Weighs Delta-8, Maine Appeals Dispensary Ruling, Nevada Approves Lounges

January 12, 2022

Employer Reimbursement of Medical Marijuana, THC Mislabeled as CBD, Possible Legislation in Iowa

December 29, 2021

CDC on Hired Drivers Using Cannabis, Ordering by App in Ontario and Delta-8 Testing

December 15, 2021

New and Planned Standards for Hemp Seed, CBD; NY Subways Ban Ads; Colorado Steps Up Enforcement

December 1, 2021

Billboard Battles, NY Bans but DEA Allows Some Delta-8, Montana Outlaws Dispensary CBD Sales

November 16, 2021

Kansas Seizes In-Transit Cannabis Profits, USPS Bans CBD Vape Devices, Promotional Gifting Illegal in NY

November 4, 2021

Cannabis and the Workplace, Missouri Licensing, California Antitrust Case, Oregon THC Test Results

October 19, 2021

A Quick Dab — New California Law Requires Healthcare Facilities to Permit Medical Cannabis Use

October 14, 2021

Delta-8 Warnings, Cannabis Use for Athletes and Use in California Healthcare Facilities

October 5, 2021

Illegal Grow Operations, Cannabis Control Rules and Dispensary License Caps

September 22, 2021

New USDA Hemp Survey, FBI Allegedly Investigates State Licensing and DEA Raises Production Quotas

September 7, 2021

Highlights in the Budding Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Industries

August 24, 2021



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