Thanner Authors Law360 Article on Liability Shift for In-Store Fraudulent Credit Card Purchases

November 2, 2015

Jacksonville partner Christopher Thanner wrote an Oct. 16 “Expert Analysis” column for Law360 about the liability for fraudulent in-store credit card purchases shifting from credit card issuers to retail merchants. The analysis, titled “Chip-Enabled Card Compliance Will Hit Some Merchants Hard ,” deals with the recent introduction of the new EMV chip-enabled credit card that, for each sale, creates a unique transaction code that can’t be replicated for any other in-store transaction. The EMV (EuroPay International, MasterCard and Visa) chip technology provides greater security than traditional magnetic-strip card readers. But with the improved security, Thanner notes, retailers who don’t update their technology to accommodate EMV chip-enabled cards may become liable for fraudulent purchases under the new fraud liability rules.

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A version of this column also was published and distributed as a McGuireWoods Legal Alert.