Legal Media Feature Brian Riopelle in DuPont Settlement Story

May 1, 2015

Richmond partner Brian Riopelle, head of the IP Litigation/Patents Department, features prominently in National Law Journal, Law360 and The Am Law Litigation Daily reports on DuPont’s favorable settlement, which ended a six-year legal fight with Kolon Industries Inc. over trade secrets to DuPont’s bullet-proofing material, Kevlar. Kolon will pay $275 million to DuPont and $85 million to the U.S. government to settle claims that it stole DuPont’s Kevlar trade secrets.

  • “Long Fight Over Kevlar Trade Secret Theft Resolved for $360M” is available to National Law Journal subscribers at 
  • The AmLaw Litigation Daily’s “DuPont Finally Collects in Kevlar Secrets Case” is available to subscribers at
  • Law360’s article, titled “Kolon Pleads Guilty To DuPont Trade Secrets Theft,” is available to subscribers at