Jon Harmon Discusses Leadership During Radio Interview

June 24, 2020

In a recent KFI-AM Los Angeles radio interview with guest host and CNBC special correspondent Jane Wells, McGuireWoods chairman Jonathan Harmon discussed issues involving racial equality and justice as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership. (Harmon’s interview starts at the 59:30 mark.) 

The station invited Harmon to be a guest after The Wall Street Journal published his June 12, 2020, op-ed in which he shared lessons his father taught him as a youth after a racial incident in his neighborhood. In the June 19 radio interview, Harmon said those lessons remain powerful today. “I think it’s a universal truth that you cannot defeat hate with hate,” he noted.

Harmon said good solutions can come from marrying the energy and passion of young people demanding change with the experience and perspective of older generations. “What I’m hopeful for is that this moment in time, with the people we have in this country, that we will be able to make some positive, long-lasting change,” Harmon said.

Harmon also stressed the importance of diversity and inclusion at the top levels of law firms and companies — promoting diverse leaders into positions where they can effect change.

“Diversity and inclusion is much more than just about numbers,” he said. “It’s having women or people of color in positions where they can be seen and heard and lead organizations.”