HRcom Interviews Craig Bell on Teleworking Payroll Tax and Compliance

January 13, 2021

McGuireWoods partner Craig Bell was interviewed by, the largest social network and online community of HR executives, for a Dec. 29, 2020, article about what human resources departments need to know about payroll tax and compliance while employees continue to work remotely because of COVID-19. 

In the interview, Bell addressed whether companies should withhold employee wages based on individual employee location, if employees should file nonresident tax returns in the state where they are remotely working and how newly adopted COVID-19 rules for teleworking may carry over in 2021.

Because teleworking will continue into the year, businesses “have to know the state tax laws that impose obligations on employers as to withholding of income and payroll taxes from employees’ compensation before payment to employees,” said Bell.

“Each state has their own rules and requirements,” he said. “These rules may have some similarities among states, but they are not uniform.”