Corporate Decision Makers Rank McGuireWoods Among Law Firms with Most Elite Brands

April 30, 2015

Decision makers at top corporations identified McGuireWoods as one of 26 law firms with the most elite brands in the industry in a new nationwide survey conducted by the BTI Consulting Group.

The rankings are compiled in a recently released report, “BTI Brand Elite 2015: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms.” The annual study ranks firms with the best brand standing among general counsel and legal decision makers at large organizations with revenue of $1 billion or more. The rankings are based on firms’ performance in nine areas that most affect brand strength.

The BTI report emphasizes that the firms on its Brand Elite list have proven their ability to deliver superior service, handle high-stakes issues and innovate in an industry often criticized for clinging to old-school approaches.

“McGuireWoods is a short list favorite of many corporate counsel,” the report states. “By harnessing the power of innovation, McGuireWoods maintains its position as a brand leader. The firm’s savvy use of technology and ongoing commitment to delivering top value to clients has earned McGuireWoods a strong brand standing in today’s crowded legal market.”

The report ranks McGuireWoods among the “best of the best” of firms that clients turn to first when a new need arises. The firm also was identified as a “leader” for its effective use of technology, for providing top value to clients and for being recommended first to peers and colleagues without prompting. McGuireWoods made the “honor roll” for bet-the-company litigation and for providing “premium worthy” service by delivering valuable counsel and quality “client experience.”

BTI based its rankings on in-depth telephone interviews with 648 legal decision makers to determine which law firms stand out as the best in each of the nine performance categories. McGuireWoods’ strengths were evident in client comments made to BTI during interviews.

“They are very creative and solution-oriented,” the report quotes one unnamed client as saying. “They always deliver good outcomes.”

“Top-notch firm. They are innovative and growing,” another client observed.