Pittsburgh Office Helps Gray Paws Sanctuary Open a New Rescue for Elderly Dogs

January 21, 2016

Thanks to the pro bono work of associate Matthew Monsour and senior counsel Robert E. Bittner in Pittsburgh, elderly canines in the Pittsburgh suburb of White Oak will have a new home.

Monsour and Bittner represented Gray Paws Sanctuary in its bid to buy real estate and open a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue for senior dogs in White Oak Borough.

Gray Paws is a home-based sanctuary run by a husband-and-wife team who take in older dogs that have been abandoned or “dumped”  by their owners at shelters where the dogs will likely be euthanized because of their age and veterinary care costs. Gray Paws adopts the senior dogs, provides them with all necessary medical care, and makes the autumn of their lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Monsour and Bittner negotiated and drafted a purchase and sale agreement for Gray Paws for three acres of land in White Oak so that Gray Paws can build a larger sanctuary and accept more dogs. The new facility will have a large fenced-in yard, a doggie pool, and will be safe for arthritic, neurologically impaired, and blind dogs to navigate.

Monsour and Bittner also handled all zoning issues, negotiated with the Borough, and educated Borough officials on behalf of Gray Paws to ensure the rescue was welcomed into the community without opposition. The efforts were successful and the Borough has already begun to publicize its association with Gray Paws.