Michael Elliott

Michael C. Elliott Partner

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Michael’s illustrious career includes serving as an Assistant United States Attorney in both the Northern and Southern Districts of Texas, where he held pivotal roles such as the criminal healthcare fraud coordinator and lead attorney for the Medicare Fraud Strike Force in North Texas. In these capacities, he directed, coordinated, and supervised healthcare investigations across the nation, collaborating extensively with state and federal enforcement agencies. His tenure also involved close collaboration with the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, particularly in assessing qui tam (whistleblower) cases against various healthcare providers.

Drawing from his profound experience within the Department of Justice, Michael possesses a comprehensive understanding of investigatory and prosecutorial procedures. His familiarity with the tactics and objectives of investigatory agencies, coupled with his knowledge of grand jury proceedings and the Department of Justice’s settlement and trial strategies, uniquely positions him as a trusted advisor to clients facing potential or actual criminal investigations. He offers strategic counsel to healthcare providers, hospitals, durable medical equipment suppliers, pharmacies, and other entities within the healthcare sector, as well as defending executives and corporations in white-collar criminal matters.

Committed to securing optimal outcomes for his clients amidst challenging circumstances, Michael brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every case. Prior to embarking on his legal career, he served as an officer in the United States Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy. He later pursued his legal education at the University of Miami, where he distinguished himself as an articles editor for the University of Miami Business Law Review.