Elias D. Mossos Counsel

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Louie Mossos joined McGuireWoods Consulting and McGuireWoods LLP in December 2011 and is a senior vice president of State Government Relations.

Prior to joining the firm, he served as senior legal counsel for Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton, as well as deputy counsel to the Illinois House Speaker.  In 2015, Louie returned to the Illinois Senate as senior adviser to the Senate President, where he served for 2 years to assist with the many problems facing the State, including the threatened closure of three nuclear power plants and an unprecedented fiscal crisis.

Louie has counseled the Senate President, Speaker of the House and ranking legislators on a variety of legislative and political matters, including legislation implementing an electric smart grid, providing incentives for developers of renewable energy facilities and clean-coal power plants, and expanding casino and video gaming operations. Additionally, he drafted numerous reform measures aimed at enhancing transparency in government, including open access to public records and improvements to the state’s procurement process. Louie was a primary author of the updated Illinois Freedom of Information Act and also served as the Illinois Senate’s Freedom of Information Act officer.  He helped draft the first ever IICLE publication on FOIA and is a frequent lecturer on the topic.

Prior to joining the Illinois Senate, he served as an assistant attorney general for the Illinois Attorney General where he handled litigation matters involving energy, gas, water, and telecommunications. Louie has represented public officials in election cases at the state, county, and municipal levels and has represented elected officials in federal proceedings as a special assistant attorney general.

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