Mindy Sauter

Mindy M. Sauter Partner

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Mindy boasts an extensive and distinguished career as a trial attorney, having honed her skills at the state level as a county prosecutor and at the federal level as an assistant U.S. attorney. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous high-stakes trials, her legal acumen and courtroom prowess have earned her widespread recognition.

During her tenure as a federal prosecutor, Mindy led some of the most intricate healthcare prosecutions, delving into cases involving home health and hospice fraud, multi-jurisdictional FDA investigations, and complex matters pertaining to durable medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Her adept handling of these multifaceted cases not only underscored her mastery of healthcare law but also demonstrated her ability to navigate the complexities of white-collar crime prosecution with precision and tenacity.

In addition to her formidable expertise in healthcare litigation, Mindy has also made significant strides in prosecuting other white-collar crimes, including cases of public corruption, thereby upholding the integrity of governmental institutions and safeguarding the public trust on behalf of the United States government.

With a track record of success and a reputation for excellence in trial advocacy, Mindy continues to be a formidable force in the legal arena, leveraging her wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to justice in every case she undertakes.

Mindy served as an adjunct Professor of Law at SMU Dedman School of Law.