Private Investment Fund Management

Our team of experienced, interdisciplinary attorneys appreciates the nuances and challenges of large private investments, providing clients with unparalleled service on investment and fund management matters. We routinely represent investors and fund managers, giving us a complete understanding of all sides of these intricate transactions.

Investment Areas

We advise clients in numerous alternative investment areas, such as:

  • private equity and venture capital funds;
  • hedge funds;
  • SBIC Funds (Small Business Investment Companies )
  • RBIC Funds (Rural Business Investment Companies )
  • energy and infrastructure funds;
  • real estate funds;
  • credit, loan and CLO funds;
  • co-investments;
  • offshore funds;
  • secondary market transactions;
  • PIPEs; and
  • direct and passive investments.


Our team provides advice to a variety of investors, including:

  • institutional investors;
  • family offices;
  • banks and financial institutions;
  • public pension funds;
  • college and university endowments;
  • public, corporate and charitable endowments;
  • trusts;
  • insurance companies; and
  • Registered Investment Advisors.


Our clients come to us for depth of experience that cuts across legal practice and industry lines. We leverage our resources to assemble teams that serve each client’s specific needs. Our ability to understand industry- and sector-specific regulations and trends, and to distill this information for our clients, translates into actionable, strategic business advice.

Our services include:

  • drafting side letter agreements to ensure our clients receive the most favorable treatment amongst their fellow investors;
  • preparing subscription agreements to ensure compliance with essential banking and securities laws;
  • negotiating to increase financial transparency, minimize fees and penalties, control unrelated business taxable income and effectively connected income (ECI), and maximize Community Reinvestment Act credit; and
  • advising on fiduciary issues and exposure to unnecessary liability.