Nonprofit Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?

August 4, 2011

The nonprofit healthcare area is complex, continuously evolving and filled with uncertainty as the health industry seeks to work within the guidances and regulations being issued under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

To keep our clients informed, McGuireWoods has prepared a white paper, “Nonprofit Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?” as a resource on recent changes in the nonprofit healthcare sector. This white paper is a summary of prior legal updates addressing the following topics, among others:

  • New Reporting Obligations
  • Role of the IRS Under These New Rules
  • Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA)
  • Documentation, Implementation and Adoption of CHNA
  • Additional Categories of Tax-Exempt Organizations Ushered in Under PPACA
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Health Insurance Entities

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