Embark Richmond Presents Substantial Redevelopment Opportunity

November 9, 2017

Fairfax County is close to finishing its comprehensive plan amendment for the Richmond Highway Corridor in northern Virginia. The amendment will create a substantial amount of new density — much of it residential — along the route of the proposed bus rapid transit system.

Four areas along Richmond Highway appear to be the big winners of this planning effort — Penn Daw, Beacon/Groveton, Hybla Valley and Woodlawn. Each area will be a community business center where density is allocated according to a form-based code rather than traditional floor area ratio. With maximum permitted heights reaching 22 stories, the plan will allow a substantial amount of new density.

Property owners should begin formulating a strategy now. The county anticipates releasing a staff report on the plan amendment this month, and public hearings on the amendment are scheduled for January and March 2018.