Evaluation of Potential Historic Resources in Reston Continues Along With Possible Policy Implications

January 6, 2021

An ongoing study of Reston, Virginia, could lead to the establishment of additional historic designations at the federal, state and county levels across the community.

A survey commissioned through a Virginia Department of Historic Resources cost-sharing grant program was conducted to evaluate potential historic resources as well as additional neighboring buildings and properties for preservation in Reston. A recently released draft Architectural Survey and Report of Reston also evaluated potential eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places. A summary of the survey report’s findings is available on the Fairfax County website.

McGuireWoods’ real estate lawyers and land use planners have extensive experience with respect to the practical effects of historic designations. Additionally, the team understands the interrelationship of historic designations with local zoning and land use processes in Reston.

We are pleased to discuss this overall exercise and property-specific circumstances with our real estate and business clients in Reston.