Arlington County, Virginia, Adopts Plan Langston Boulevard

November 13, 2023

On Nov. 11, 2023, the Arlington County Board adopted Plan Langston Boulevard (PLB) after a nearly five-year planning process. PLB establishes long-term planning guidelines for the Langston Boulevard corridor, and includes site-specific recommendations for use, height and density.

PLB will shape redevelopment along the Langston Boulevard corridor for the next several decades. Langston Boulevard was the last unplanned major corridor in Arlington County before the Nov. 11 vote.

The Arlington County Board will take actions in 2024 to implement PLB, including adopting zoning ordinance amendments to effectuate the recommendations in PLB. The board also could consider updates to the East Falls Church Area Plan and the Cherrydale Revitalization Plan in 2024 or 2025. East Falls Church and Cherrydale were exempted from PLB despite being in the Langston Boulevard corridor. Please let us know if you have any questions about PLB or if you would like to discuss a specific site in the Langston Boulevard corridor.