Data Center Industry Sees Increased State-Level Legislative Efforts in Virginia

January 24, 2024

Over the past year, local governments in Northern Virginia — including Fairfax County, Fauquier County, Caroline County and Spotsylvania County — have taken steps to enact, or begin the process of enacting, new and generally increasing levels of land use and zoning regulations for the data center industry. At the same time, other Virginia localities — such as Louisa County, Henrico County and Frederick County — are lowering taxes or creating zoning classifications to attract additional data center investment.

Now the data center industry is attracting similar state-level regulatory attention in Virginia.

As part of the ongoing 2024 Virginia legislative session, 32 bills have been introduced that propose additional and/or increased state-level regulations that would apply to data center development throughout the commonwealth.

The legislative team at McGuireWoods Consulting is actively monitoring all of these pending bills. The data center team will provide additional updates as the legislative process continues and actions are taken to effectively kill, evolve or potentially refer some of these bills to committees for further study.

If you have specific questions about these issues or individual pieces of pending legislation, the data center team is happy to discuss the same.

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