Technology in Action

Innovation is a key driver of the firm’s overall commitment to excellence. Given the fast pace of change in the highly competitive market for high-end corporate legal services, fostering innovation in our legal work and service to clients is critical to maintaining our competitive edge. Our culture of innovation shows clients we mean business.

For example, McGuireWoods successfully developed and deployed ClientSync, our proprietary legal project management program; we take novel approaches to alternative fee arrangements to help clients control costs; and we’ve built an outstanding e-discovery infrastructure, even helping clients establish their own in-house processes.

McGuireWoods uses data analytics to guide strategy and decision-making while enhancing the value we deliver to clients. Our lawyers and our technology team, including dedicated data analytics talent, collaborate to harness emerging technologies. We examine large sets of data seeking patterns, correlations, trends and other useful information that will identify – even predict – clients’ complex business problems quickly and efficiently.

In addition, our commitment to innovation carries over to our pro bono program, with the firm “Highly Commended” in Financial Times’ prestigious North America Innovative Lawyers report for creating the Triage Project, a first-of-its kind pro bono initiative that substantially expands legal aid in Virginia and North Carolina and serves as a model nationwide.

At McGuireWoods we listen to our clients and hear what’s important to them, then craft innovative, business-minded solutions tailored to their needs. We fully partner with our clients on innovative approaches to their biggest challenges. This isn’t new for us; we’ve been focused on it for many years as a way to shape our services to ensure our clients succeed.

By staying close to our clients and working hard to understand their businesses and evolving needs, we stay ahead of the ever-steepening innovation curve.

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