Annual Ethics Program

Confidentiality: Part 1 - Strength and Scope of the Duty

October 22, 2014


Wednesday, October 22 , 2014
119 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019

Wednesday, October 29 , 2014
The Ritz-Carlton
201 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Tom Spahn’s two-hour interactive program explores one of our profession’s core duties – maintaining client confidences.


  • The strength of the duty
  • The source, timing and content of information that lawyers must keep confidential (For instance, does the duty cover information in the public record, or the disclosure of which would not harm the client?)
  • Comparison with the attorney-client privilege
  • When the confidentiality duty begins (in the context of unsolicited emails and interviews with prospective clients)
  • When the duty ends
  • What steps lawyers must take to protect client confidences, especially in the context of electronic communications