The New Front in Retirement Plan Fee Litigation

Educational Institutions in the Crosshairs

August 25, 2016

Complimentary Webinar

Over the past two weeks, a growing list of prominent U.S. universities have been sued for alleged breaches of their ERISA fiduciary duties to retirement plan participants by including too many investment options that were often too costly.

These “fee litigation” suits first targeted U.S. corporations, but it is clear that the plaintiffs’ bar has set its sights on retirement plans sponsored by educational institutions.

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Plan sponsors and administrators should join our conference to:

  • hear more about the specific allegations made in these lawsuits;
  • learn about the scope and nature of their ERISA fiduciary duties to plan participants and best practices with respect to investment selection and monitoring;
  • find out what they should do in the event they receive information requests concerning their plans or become subject to similar lawsuits; and
  • learn about insurance issues arising from these lawsuits, including policies that may provide coverage for defense or indemnification costs, common policy terms, exclusions, and best practices for policyholders.