Risky Business: Understanding the Top Legal Challenges for Today’s Executive

March 3, 2015

Partner Amy Manning participated in a panel on the topic “Risky Business: Understanding the Top Legal Challenges for Today’s Executive,” at this event hosted by The Executives’ Club of Chicago. From mitigating risk of data breaches, to moral challenges, regulatory compliance, disgruntled employees and social media disclosure risks, and on – navigating business today is challenging. The speed of economic and technological change means that what worked yesterday, may not work today and could even be a disaster by tomorrow. Solving some of these dynamic problems is what separates companies that excel from those who are closing doors. A panel of legal experts shared their thoughts on what business leaders should know about some of today’s top legal challenges.


  • How to be an effective and impactful leader in the face of regulatory restrictions and change.
  • How to protect your organizations from avoidable legal pitfalls
  • How other organizations are addressing some common issues and concerns.

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