Real Estate Transactions With REITs: Selling, Leasing or Lending Deals With REITs

June 17, 2015


Partner Gerald V. Thomas II spoke on the topic “Navigating Unique Organizational, Operational and Tax Issues When Dealing With REITs,” during this webinar hosted by Strafford Publications, Inc. This CLE webinar prepares real estate counsel to handle a lending, leasing or sale transaction involving property owned by a REIT. The program analyzes unique REIT organizational, operating and tax rules that may impact terms of the transaction and outline best practices for counsel to address these challenges.

Topics include:

  • What are the key organizational, operating and tax REIT rules that may impact the structure or terms of a real estate transaction with a REIT entity?
  • How can the leasing transaction be structured to avoid impermissible tenant services?
  • What are the tax deferral opportunities for sellers of property to a REIT entity?
  • What terms of loan documents will need to be negotiated to satisfy operational and tax concerns of the REIT entity?  

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