RILA Retail Law Conference

October 12 – 14, 2022

Washington, DC 20003

Partner Jack L. White will be speaking on the topic of “ESG: Not Just a Responsibility, It’s a Mindset” at the RILA Retail Law Conference. Partners S. Virginia Bondurant Price and R. Trent Taylor will be speaking on the topic of “The 2030 Project: Time-Traveling into the Future to Prepare for Retailers’ Coming Challenges.” Jon Harmon will also be giving opening remarks at the RILA Chief Legal Officer & Legal Direct Reports Committee Dinner on October 12th. Counsel Thomas Spahn will be speaking on the topic of “Legal Ethics: Conflicts & Confidentiality.”

Once a year, RILA and the Retail Litigation Center convene the prominent legal minds in retail alongside expert outside counsel to assess and plan for an ever-changing landscape for retailers. Over three days, this elite event combines thought-provoking educational content with practical perspectives to answer your questions with strategies and leading practices so that your team is operating at peak performance. It’s bootcamp for the legal minds preparing for retail’s future—and a great opportunity to catch up, compare notes, and have a little fun with your colleagues across the industry. Equip your corporate legal team with the knowledge and network to operate in a unique and evolving retail ecosystem—bring your team to the 2022 Retail Law Conference.

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