Whistle While We Work: How to Love Your Job as an Attorney

August 30, 2022

Associate Kang He spoke as a panelist on the NAPABA webinar “Whistle While We Work: How to Love Your Job as an Attorney.”

Law firms are notorious for being fast-paced, stressful environments, and attorneys are known for having the highest rate of alcoholism as a profession. But what if we could turn that around and create working environments where attorneys enjoyed their jobs and looked forward to coming into work every day? What if employers embraced wellness issues, co-workers supported one another in the workplace, and the culture of the average law firm became committed to the health and wellbeing of each of its employees?

Other panelists included CEO of the Institute for Well-Being in Law, Bree Buchanan; deputy clinical director of the Virginia Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program, Barbara Mardigian; and happy attorneys who love their jobs and workplaces. Attorneys discussed best practices for law firms to become meccas of wellness so that attorneys can love their jobs and learn to whistle while we work!

The webinar was presented by NAPABA’s Trusts & Estates and Wellness Committees. For more information on NAPABA and upcoming virtual programs, visit their website.