22nd Annual Energy Litigation Conference

November 2, 2023

Houston, TX

Houston partner Meghaan Madriz and Charlotte associate Alice Moscicki spoke on the topic of “Employer and Ethical Dilemmas: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Regulation” at the 22nd Annual Energy Litigation Conference.

Energy companies and lawyers can obtain incredible benefits from the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but they must also navigate a variety of risks. As local, state, federal, and international regulators all have their eye on AI, attorneys must carefully guide technology and HR departments through a patchwork of laws and dilemmas, including those related to potential bias, discrimination, and labor force friction. Meanwhile, lawyers face their own ethical dilemmas in using AI tools—remaining technologically competent in advancing client goals while also protecting client information. Whether you seek intelligence that is human or artificial, this CLE on emerging AI issues and ethics is right for you.

The 22nd edition of the Energy Litigation Conference brought together some of the top in-house and private practice energy litigators to discuss new trends in energy litigation, recent case law of importance to energy litigators, and ways to improve an energy litigation practice.

For additional event details, please visit www.cailaw.org.