SCG Legal Annual Meeting

September 21 - 22, 2023

New Orleans, LA

At the SCG Legal 2023 Annual Meeting, partner Patrick DeRidder was a panelist on the session “Cross-Border M&A Trends.” As companies look for opportunities in new places in which to grow, cross-border mergers and acquisitions have emerged as one of the ways to gain new market and customer access. As these types of deal activities continue, companies will need to consider the risks and rewards associated with pursuing these ventures versus making greenfield investments.

The session examined the issues for which companies must prepare when engaging in cross-border deals and offer insights on how their complexities can be successfully managed.

Partner Trey Andrews moderated the session on “Healthcare Trends Across America” focusing on U.S. healthcare providers and life science companies on the forefront of patient care and clinical research. The panel explored how healthcare companies can pursue growth while remaining in compliance with range of U.S. regulations and policies.

Panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare sector, which is expanding in new directions due to the global health crisis.

More information is available on the event website.