Wall Street Journal Quotes Jim Neale on Possible Life Sentence for Peanut Corp. Executive

July 28, 2015

McGuireWoods partner, and foodborne illness litigation practice group co-chair, Jim Neale is quoted by The Wall Street Journal on the proposed life sentence for Stewart Parnell, former head of Peanut Corp. of America. The July 23 article, titled “Peanut Executive Faces Possible Life Sentence in Salmonella Case,” details the verdict against Parnell, who was found guilty on 71 counts for failing to disclose salmonella contamination of Peanut Corp.’s products. The contamination caused in nine deaths and 700 illnesses throughout 2008-2009.

In the wake of the proposed sentence by federal officials, Neale calls the recommendation “absolutely shocking.” In 24 years, the longest prison sentence associated with food companies or executives has been three months.