Brackett, Neale Pen Article on Post-Election Regulatory Enforcement

February 22, 2017

Partners Alex Brackett and Jim Neale published an article in Today’s General Counsel discussing regulatory enforcement in a post-election, post-“Yates memo” environment.

In the article, the authors discuss how the Trump administration is likely to scale back many forms of regulatory enforcement, but predict prosecutors are likely to continue focusing on cases involving fraud, corruption and other offenses. Addressing two critical questions — “What will be the long-term impact of the Yates memo, and what do the election results mean for business?” — the article analyzes specific regulatory innovations that may be leveraged as enforcement tools, particularly to prosecute individuals who allegedly have acted with clear criminal intent.

The article, “Regulatory Enforcement Post-Election,” is published in the magazine’s February/March 2017 print issue and is available online.