Carter Arey Discusses Pricing Predictability With Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

September 7, 2017

Charlotte senior counsel Carter Arey, who co-leads McGuireWoods’ ClientSync team, discussed pricing predictability of legal services in a question-and-answer column published in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel’s September issue.

The article, titled “Giving General Counsel Pricing Predictability,” explained how McGuireWoods’ ClientSync team, legal project management processes and its proprietary CompassTMtool help the firm deliver quality legal services and predictable pricing structures.

In the article, Arey noted, “Legal project management is really about bringing project management skills to the execution of legal work. It’s not rocket science, but it is a way to instill transparency, discipline and predictability for our clients.”

Demonstrating the importance of predictability, Arey cited a house renovation as a real-world example in which a contractor and client define the scope of work and budget, and address costs of additional services before they are performed.

“In lawyer-land, sometimes people just do the work and expect that their clients are going to pay for it,” she said.  “With ClientSync, we’re applying a framework for that kind of communication and transparency in the legal field.”