Penman, Pickernell Cover Key Considerations for Managing Employee ‘Side Hustles’

October 28, 2019

McGuireWoods London employment lawyer Adam Penman and trainee solicitor Nickie Pickernell wrote an Oct. 22 article titled “How to Manage Employees With ‘Side Hustles’” in UK human resources trade magazine Personnel Today.

In the article, the authors noted the increasing numbers of full-time employees who “are running a side hustle, whether that takes the form of a second job, freelancing or their own business.” So they examined the top legal concerns employers should consider when drafting company policies governing full-time employees’ engagement in those other opportunities.

According to the article, “Studies have shown that employers consider employees with side hustles to be happier and more productive.” Yet, the authors cautioned that employers must adhere to the Working Time Regulations and should be mindful of how second jobs may impact employees’ performance in the workplace. The authors also detailed considerations and best practices for drafting non-competition policies to bar employees from using their skill sets to benefit competing businesses.