Deepak Reddy Discusses McGuireWoods’ Aviation Practice in CCBJ

April 24, 2019

When Deepak Reddy joined McGuireWoods’ practice on April 1 as a partner in the firm’s New York office, he brought a prominent and thriving M&A practice within the aviation and airlines industries with him. Now it’s the subject of a Corporate Counsel Business Journal Q&A.

Reddy discussed how China’s emergence as an economic power has affected global aviation and airline markets. Some of the strongest, fastest growing airlines are now in Asia, he said. “China in particular, but also in India, Malaysia and Indonesia, and in the Middle East.”

Asked how his aviation-oriented practice adds to McGuireWoods’ rich palette of M&A capabilities, Deepak noted his work with major companies that lease aircraft to airlines. Year after year, these companies sell chunks of their portfolios to keep them diversified, he said, and deals can range from “a couple of million dollars to a couple of billion dollars.” The number of those deals has exploded, he said, adding: “I’ve been doing a great deal of that work, and I intend to do much more.”

And how did aviation became the focus of his deals practice? “Almost completely by accident,” he said.