The American Lawyer Quotes Peter Geovanes on Buy vs. Build Approach to AI

February 7, 2024

The American Lawyer quoted Peter Geovanes, McGuireWoods’ chief innovation and AI officer, in a Feb. 5, 2024, story that examined whether Am Law 100 firms will use generative AI tools developed by vendors or build their own tools. The article was the third installment in a series on how firms incorporate generative AI into legal services and business functions.

McGuireWoods last year began testing and evaluation of CoCounsel, a first-of-its-kind AI legal assistant developed by Casetext and powered by OpenAI’s latest and most advanced large language model, GPT-4. Geovanes told The American Lawyer the firm is assessing the feasibility of developing an internal tool to supplement CoCounsel.

“We’ve got to have a use case that makes sense,” Geovanes said. “What are the hardware requirements? What vendor would we use? What models will we use? So I think there’s more questions than there are answers right now. But I think we at least raised the possibility of something to continue to explore in 2024.”