Michael R. Daglio Partner

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Mike is a litigator and trial lawyer who has defended clients in a range of matters in state and federal courts throughout the country. His cases are generally complex, and involve the potential of large plaintiffs’ verdicts. While the subject matter and types of claims vary, the keys to a successful defense are the same: tenacity, creativity, judgment, and experience.

Mike works closely with clients and witnesses to develop a defense theme, then applies it from the responsive pleadings through the closing argument. He masters the facts, the law, and the science and technical aspects of the case. He is aggressive but fair in both offensive and defensive discovery efforts. Expert witnesses play an important role in many of his cases, and he has developed the ability to identify and develop expert witnesses, and to challenge opposing expert witnesses in depositions, in Daubert and Frye motions, and on the witness stand.

A significant amount of Mike’s practice involves representing and advising clients in matters before the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). He advises manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of consumer products on compliance with consumer product safety laws, reporting obligations under applicable laws, and product recalls. Mike also defends clients in government investigations concerning the timeliness of reporting to the CPSC.

While attending the University of Connecticut School of Law, Mike was a member of the Connecticut Law Review and Moot Court Board.


  • Advises companies regarding the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on contractual obligations, including force majeure, impossibility, and frustration of purpose.
  • Representation of companies in matters pending before, or related to, the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Representation, as national and regional counsel, of manufacturers involved in the asbestos litigation.
  • Advises companies regarding acquisitions involving potential asbestos liabilities.
  • Representation of automobile manufacturer involved in the trace benzene litigation.
  • Representation, as national counsel, of a specialty chemical manufacturer involved in the trace benzene litigation.
  • Representation of companies in business tort litigation and contractual disputes.
  • Representation of local governments in high exposure tort actions pending in state and federal courts.