Alan T. L. Sun Counsel

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Alan has practiced for the last approximately twenty-five years in the areas of municipal and real estate finance, with emphasis on affordable housing and charter schools.

Alan has represented government issuers and agencies, developers and financial institutions on a wide variety of bond financed and other affordable housing transactions through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. Alan has extensive experience in multifamily bond financing (having served as bond counsel, bank counsel, and borrower’s counsel), low income tax credits, single family bond financing and participation in state and federal grant and loan programs, including the federal HOME program.

He also represents a significant number of charter schools in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, with an emphasis in facility financings. He represented the borrower in the first-ever charter school bond financing in the State of Maryland and has significant experience in tax-exempt bond financings for charter schools, having represented issuers, underwriters, and borrowers.

In addition, Alan handles tax increment financings (TIF) and special taxing district financings. He has participated in the creation of state and local legislation authorizing the use of these financing techniques by Maryland counties and municipalities, including Baltimore City. He has represented issuers, underwriters and developers in connection with these financings throughout Maryland.

He has also served as bond and tax counsel in connection with traditional financings, such as revenue bonds for governmentally owned facilities (such as parking facilities and hotels and conference centers), general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and equipment leasing.

Prior to joining McGuireWoods, Alan worked in local and state governments advising them on bond financing and real estate issues. As such, Alan has extensive experience with advising state and local government issuers with asset management issues and how to comply with federal tax requirements governing tax-exempt bonds.


  • Counsel to the borrower in Maryland’s first-ever tax-exempt bond deal to fund a charter school. The proceeds were used by the borrower to finance the acquisition, expansion, and equipping of its school facility located in Baltimore City.
  • Bond Counsel to Baltimore City with respect to its TIF and Special Tax District financing program.
  • Counsel to Baltimore City in a variety of different capacities to assist in transactions throughout the Baltimore community through use of tax-exempt and taxable bonds, New Markets Tax Credits, low income housing tax credits, and other government loan programs, including the federal HOME program.
  • Counsel to developers in multi-tiered financing structure affordable housing transactions.
  • Counsel to several charter schools in facility financing transactions.