Strategic Risk & Crisis Management

We know that when a company confronts the complex legal, business and public relations challenges that strategic risk and crisis management pose, a coordinated strategy focused on achieving agreed-upon objectives is imperative. Our approach to crisis management, strategic risk and compliance is comprehensive because that is what our clients need.

We understand the importance of establishing support for a crisis response strategy or a compliance program from constituencies across the corporate culture. Because the in-house environment does not begin and end with the legal team, we strive to work effectively with other critical functions, including human resources, finance and information technology.

Whether managing a crisis situation or helping develop and implementing crisis avoidance programs, our multi-disciplinary team draws from our legal and policy practice groups. These include skilled practitioners who have successfully dealt with all three branches of the federal government, state attorneys general, and international regulatory and enforcement authorities as well as a number of former federal prosecutors and numerous others with substantial experience developing and implementing effective crisis response strategy and compliance programs, and evaluating their effectiveness. We knit this varied expertise together with leadership that has been tested and tempered by experience.

Crisis Response

There is never an opportune time for a crisis to arise, but when it does, rapid and effective response is critical. Our Crisis Management team and its leaders know from experience what it takes to help put together the fast and multidisciplinary effort necessary to getting ahead of the curve in order to manage events, rather than be swept up in them.

When it comes to crisis management, experience is everything. Our practice leaders have been in the corridors of political power and influence, in the courtroom for high stakes litigation, the boardroom when tough decisions are made and in the newsroom as it all gets reported. With one phone call, we can have a team in place within hours. This group also commands substantial media and public policy resources for the development and execution of comprehensive communications strategies that can protect shareholder value and minimize damage to individual reputations.

Crisis Prevention

Equally critical is the process to identify steps that can help avoid crisis situations altogether through corporate compliance, training and strategic risk management programs. Businesses and individuals turn to McGuireWoods’ Strategic Risk and Crisis Management group to help shape their compliance programs, assess risk and manage crises should they occur.

Lawyers on this team provide tailored solutions for each client – from conducting audits or reviews of current policies to designing new, comprehensive compliance programs – and have experience working with businesses of all sizes and around the world.

To effectively prepare for, minimize and persevere through a crisis, turn to McGuireWoods’ Strategic Risk and Crisis Management group.