U.S. Supreme Court Review and Preview

Panel Discussion of Recent and Upcoming Decisions Impacting the Business Community

October 2, 2014

901 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

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  • DAIMLER AG, Petitioner v. Barbara BAUMAN et al.

In recent terms, the U.S. Supreme Court has focused increasingly on business issues that fundamentally affect how corporations operate and litigate. Some commentators have called the Roberts Court “the most pro-business of any since the 1930s,” while others offer a more nuanced view. Either way, it is undisputed that the Supreme Court is deciding more business cases – and its decisions are affecting corporations to a greater degree.

McGuireWoods’ appellate practice team discussed these issues with a distinguished panel that included the former solicitor general of Virginia and a former law clerk to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.


  • Significant decisions from last year’s term and the practical implications for business
  • Recent trends in the U.S. Supreme Court’s operation and rulings that may impact the business community
  • Commentary on the direction the Supreme Court may be heading in the future
  • A preview of significant upcoming Supreme Court cases with significant consequences for the business community
  • A discussion of likely outcomes of cases in the upcoming term

McGuireWoods Panelists

  • E. Duncan Getchell Jr., Partner, former Solicitor General of Virginia
  • Tennille J. Checkovich, Partner
  • Robert L. Hodges, Senior Counsel
  • Matthew A. Fitzgerald, Associate
  • S. Virginia Bondurant, Associate
  • R. Trent Taylor, Partner (Moderator)