You’ve Mastered Remote Working — Now What About Trade Secret Protection?

May 21, 2020


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The pandemic has shifted the way most companies conduct business, from requiring remote work, to using new technology to meet daily operational needs, to furloughing and laying off employees and making cost reductions. With these business impacts, precautions should be taken and best practices established to protect valuable trade secrets and confidential information.

Our speakers discuss unique issues and precautionary tips related to trade secret protection, employee mobility and trade secret theft in the context of remote workforces, worksites at limited capacity and layoffs.

McGuireWoods Speakers

  • Sabrina A. Beldner, Partner
  • Meghaan C. Madriz, Partner
  • Yasser A. Madriz, Partner
  • Brian C. Riopelle, Partner
  • Miles O. Indest, Associate
  • A. Wolfgang McGavran, Associate

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