What You Need to Know: Protection, Enforcement and Defense of Trade Secrets

September - November 2022


Complimentary Webinar

McGuireWoods’ trade secrets team invites you to a complimentary webinar series offering best practices and guidance for protecting your company’s most valuable trade secrets, enforcing your rights when those secrets are misappropriated, and defending against any claims brought against you.

In this series of targeted webinars, our team will employ real-life scenarios based on actual disputes to discuss proactive solutions to enhance protection and minimize potential exposure and damage — from the perspective of a trade secret owner and that of a potential defendant in a trade secret dispute. Featured panelists will focus on relevant developments surrounding trade secrets in the commercial, regulatory and workplace environments.

Protection — Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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Intellectual property protection is a proverbial moving target and has become even more elusive as employees’ defined work locations continue to evolve in this post-pandemic era. As many workplaces shift into hybrid structures for the long haul, so, too, must companies’ trade secret protection strategies. In this first program of the series, McGuireWoods’ trade secrets team will lead a discussion identifying types of trade secrets, and proactive and reactive measures companies can adopt to safeguard themselves and mitigate future risk.


  • Rodney A. Satterwhite, Partner, Labor & Employment
  • Darren W. Collins, Partner, IP Litigation & Transactions

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Enforcement —Thursday, October 27, 2022

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While recognizing and implementing reasonable measures for securing your trade secrets are the first steps to reaching broader enforcement, misappropriation can still happen. Companies should have a strategy for moving quickly and decisively — including through litigation — to protect their at-risk intellectual property. Having a rapid response plan will support established protection strategies. McGuireWoods’ trade secrets team will concentrate on best practices for prosecution and enforcement of trade secret actions.


  • Michael R. Phillips, Partner, Labor & Employment
  • Yasser A. Madriz, Partner, Business & Securities Litigation
  • A. Wolfgang McGavran, Partner, Business & Securities Litigation
  • Sabrina A. Beldner, Partner, Labor & Employment (moderator)

Defense — Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Despite best efforts and intentions, companies sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of trade secret claims. Whether arising from a joint-venture discussion or a high-profile hire, such claims can be disruptive to the business, and potentially dangerous if the company has not taken adequate steps to recognize third-party intellectual property rights. In the final program of this series, McGuireWoods attorneys will cover recommended practices for business-to-business interactions, as well as hiring and onboarding of new employees, to position your company for a strong defense to misappropriation claims.


  • Meghaan C. Madriz, Partner, Labor & Employment
  • Brian C. Riopelle, Partner, IP Litigation & Transactions

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