Antitrust Regulation in Russia

Private litigations

October 13, 2014


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Well-established in the American legal system, the institution of private litigation plays a prominent role in the contemporary antitrust legislation of developed countries. It protects more than the interests of individuals. As an enforcer as well as a deterrent to those who would break antitrust law, litigation also serves as a means of achieving the goals of antitrust policy. Partner Matthew Hall spoke on the topic, “Private litigations,” at this event hosted by the Competition Support Non-profit Partnership and the Vedomosti journal, with the support of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). This session touched upon the appropriateness of such litigation in the framework of Russian law as well as the changes that must be made to Russian legislation and judicial practice so affected parties can maximize the potential of this institution.

Discussion topics

  • Private (class) actions in the U.S.: actual attitudes of business and regulators
  • Damages actions for breaches of the EU antitrust rules: economics and law
  • Private antitrust enforcement in Russia: trends and means of development  

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