Our Curious Amalgam Podcast

How Does This Pay? Understanding the Role of Litigation Funding

May 25, 2020

London partner Matthew Hall co-hosted the May 25 episode of the ABA’s Our Curious Amalgam podcast on the topic “How Does This Pay? Understanding the Role of Litigation Funding.”

Litigation funding (also known as third party funding or litigation finance) is funding provided by a third party unconnected to the litigation (or arbitration) in order to finance all or part of the legal and other costs arising, in return for a share of any proceeds. But how does litigation funding change the nature of the litigation game, both in the United States and United Kingdom? Rosemary Ioannou, Regional Managing Director, UK, Vannin Capital, and Andrew Woltman, Founder & Managing Director, Statera Capital join Matthew Hall and John Roberti to explain how litigation funding changes the litigation game. Listen to this episode to learn more about the impact of future of litigation funding, including how it turns claims into assets.

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