Our Curious Amalgam Podcast

Is it a Parallel Universe? Competition Law in the Metaverse

April 17, 2023

London partner Matthew Hall co-hosted the April 17 episode of the ABA’s Our Curious Amalgam podcast on the topic “What Can Be Done? Sustainability and Competition Law in Europe.”

It seems that metaverses will soon be ubiquitous. What are the competition law issues? Dr. Yusuke Takamiya, the antitrust/competition law partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, joins Matthew Hall and Anora Wang to discuss what metaverses are, how they are structured, the parallels with existing competition law analysis of technology markets and the specific issues raised by metaverses. Listen to this episode to learn more about this rapidly developing technology and area of competition law.

Our Curious Amalgam explores topics in antitrust, competition, consumer protection, data protection, and privacy law around the world with leading experts in those areas. It is an amalgam because it is a group of diverse topics all in one place. It is curious because it gets the experts and asks them in-depth questions.

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